Financière S_entiel

Laylah is excited (and pretty proud) to be collaborating with Financière S_entiel. While we work to release even more features and tools to meet the needs of financial advisors and their teams, Financière S_entiel has seen enough to know that we’ve made an app that works for them, with technology that will evolve to continue to meet their needs.

Watch what Laylah’s financial advisor software can do for you.


Laylah. The app that packs all your client’s information into one place.

The detail-obsessed features packed into Laylah make managing multiple data sources a lot less stressful.

Automated Data Sync

Keep your client’s data in sync.

A clear and complete picture of your clients.

Laylah quickly gathers and syncs your client’s financial information from across your accounts, saving you hours of research and manual data entry.

Automatic data syncs give you back hours of your time.

Laylah’s automatic, bi-monthly financial data sync keeps everything up-to-date—letting you know when the information was last updated. And, of course, you can sync your client’s financial data whenever you’d like thanks to Laylah’s quick sync tool—ensuring you and your team always have the latest, reliable information.

The End of Duplicates

Handles duplicate contacts without being asked.

Data maintenance on autopilot.

Laylah keeps your client’s data clean and organized by automatically managing duplicate information, letting you know if there are any inconsistencies.

You’re always in control. Always.

If Laylah isn’t sure about a match, it will ask you for help. In other words, Laylah never permanently deletes anything so you can always backtrack your steps.

Compliance Made Easy

Laylah cleans and organizes your data for you.

Saves everything so it’s there when you need it.

Laylah keeps a complete record of your communication history with your clients and everything you and your team do in your workspace so you don’t have to.

When we say Laylah saves everything, we mean everything.

Laylah saves a copy of your communication history with your clients, your completed tasks, past meetings, financial analysis’, and even your team’s internal notes. In other words, compliance is built-in to everything Laylah does.

Typo prevention built in.

Laylah will never permanently delete anything so you can always retrace your steps.

Integrated FNA

Analysis and reports designed with your clients in mind.

Thoughtful client data collection.

Laylah makes collecting a client’s data painless by doing most of it for you. Laylah pre-fills every data-collection and analysis field with the financial data, personal information, dependants, legal forms, etc. of your clients so you don’t have to.

Attentive financial analysis.

Easily produce intuitive financial needs analyses that will save your firm time. Life insurance needs, disability insurance needs, retirement planning, critical illness, and we’re just getting started.

Here to make you look good. (We’re working on it!)

The reports Laylah produces are customizable—so you can add your firm’s branding—to make sure you stand out, not Laylah.


Work as a Team

Features everyone on your team will use daily.

Stay on top of your to-do lists.

Easily assign tasks and track the progress of your team.

Constant communication.

Laylah lets you leave comments and notes so everyone on your team is always on the same page.

Document Storage

Keep your documents organized and accessible.

Secure storage for your documents.

Laylah stores your client’s documents in their file, making it easy to find the documents you need, when you need them.

Approve and sign documents. (We’re working on it!)

Send your clients documents to approve and sign, track who has signed what, send reminders, and do it all with Laylah.

Email + Calendar Sync

Keep a copy of your emails and calendar events inside Laylah.

Google, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 compatibility.

Laylah syncs and consolidates emails and calendar events from your multiple accounts into one place.

Store copies of your emails and calendar events.

Keep using your Google, Outlook or Microsoft 365 email accounts and Laylah will sync and store a copy of everything for you.

Always know the who, what, where, when, and why.

Laylah efficiently links every email and calendar event to the right client.

Pricing that makes your work easier.
Just like our app.

Laylah is the smartest investment independent financial advisors can make. From consolidating data into one contact form to producing financial analysis and easy-to-understand reports, Laylah’s detail-oriented features are designed to eliminate hours of repetitive work while growing and evolving with your firm.




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  • Up to 10 000 contacts
  • 1000GB of documents
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  • 30-day risk free trial
  • For a limited time, enjoy a 30% off for your 6 first months on Laylah


Laylah. Adapted to your needs.

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  • Unlimited team members
  • An assigned team member will be there for you when you need them
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Space adapted to the needs of your firm
  • Access to our library of extensions
  • Access to exclusive extensions

Exciting new features coming in 2024.


  • Google / Office Integration
  • Customizable Analysis Report
  • Winfund & Univeris
  • Equisoft Migration
  • Q3

  • Advanced Search
  • Electronic Signature
  • RepVision
  • Cases & Requests Management
  • Q4

  • CSV Imports
  • Mass Mailings (Mailchimp / Omnisend)
  • Tablet / Mobile Versions
  • Laylah.
    The app that works for you.

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